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Founded in 1995, is a research and development, production and sales in one of the modern Chinese patent medicine pharmaceutical enterprises. The company's product line mainly focuses on Pediatrics, respiratory system, cardio cerebral vascular department, Gastroenterology and other fields. The main products are Kai throat spray (child type), Kai throat spray and strong Tianma Eucommia capsule. Among them, the core product Kai throat spray (child type) and Kai throat spray are national patent products, and occupy a high market share in the throat throat disease proprietary Chinese medicine spray market, and have formed a certain brand awareness in the field of throat diseases and children's proprietary Chinese medicine. According to statistics from the south, the throat spray (including child type) ranks first in 3 consecutive years in the throat and throat spray market, and has been ranked first in the terminal market of Chinese medicine spray hospital for 6 consecutive years.

In the future, Sanli will continue to adhere to the development of traditional Chinese medicine as the core, inherit the excellent historical and cultural traditions of traditional Chinese medicine, and continue to promote the classic famous prescriptions such as traditional Chinese medicine, national medicine, Miao medicine, etc. Aiming at the current multiple diseases, relying on the technical concept of modernization of traditional Chinese medicine, aiming at constantly improving product quality and user experience, and striving to achieve the leading position in the field of segmentation. Adhering to the enterprise mission of "creating human health life", we will move forward to the vision of "becoming a pharmaceutical enterprise trusted by Chinese people", and carry out the commitment of steady development in the whole pharmaceutical industry through practical actions.

LOGO interpretation

Sanli logo is a combination of blue and white, is a collection of Sanli values, is the meaning of "Sanli". Represents three meanings: The image of the sun-the near-circular white pattern in the upper left corner represents the sun: illuminating and warming everything, representing the spirit of being responsible; rising and falling every day, unchanged for thousands of years, representing the spirit of perseverance. Sailor image-The entire white pattern is a humanoid figure representing the sailor: the helm of the sailboat, riding the wind and waves, represents the spirit of exploration and pioneering. The image of a thousand rivers entering the sea-the white pattern besides the nearly circular pattern represents the thousand rivers, and the bottom blue represents the sea: the thousand rivers enter the sea, and the seas and rivers represent the spirit of sharing.

Mission of three forces  : Creating a healthy life for human beings
Sanli vision  : Become a pharmaceutical enterprise trusted by Chinese people
management idea  : Making good medicine based on morality
Production concept — Benevolent materials, lean manufacturing
Financial concept — Integrity and compliance, professional and efficient
R & D concept— Take the patient as the center, take the curative effect as the core
Sales philosophy — Efficient implementation, innovation integration and result orientation
Brand concept — Build a brand with word of mouth
The concept of employment — Morality first, unity of knowledge and action
Development concept — Based on the principle of long-term value, focus on pharmaceutical, steady development
Core values  : Morality, goodness, persistence, responsibility, exploration, development, sharing and freedom
Chongde— Adhere to benevolence and take moral quality as the bottom line.
The best — Stop at perfection and aim at excellence.
insist — Do well in every detail of the process and insist that everything has a result,
Stick to the bottom line in the heart and stick to the common dream.
to bear — Do well what you should do and be responsible for the results; Take responsibility for what others lack.
explore— They are eager for the unknown and have the courage to innovate; Dare to practice, fault tolerance and error correction.
open up — Break through the stereotypes and dare to be the first; Try first and seek truth.
share — Team oriented, mutual respect, harmonious coexistence, to strive for pride, hand in hand, share the results.
free— Love life and go for it.

We are a courageous team. We strive for excellence in making good products and serve customers all over the world;

We are a strict self-discipline team, always put our customers first and never relax our requirements;

We are a passionate team, full of creative enthusiasm for work, and full of beautiful pursuit of life;

We are a team that is good at collaborating, creating every success of the company, and promoting every progress of the team;